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New Tools!

Today, I discovered the Selective Color adjustment in Photoshop. Couldn't tell ya what took me so long- I've played with every other setting in that program, and I've often used the similar tool in the Black and White adjustment to make black and white images richer or starker, all the while wishing there was a like process for color photos.. and now, hosanna! There is. Whenever possible, I like to stay away from filters, preferring adjustments that could have been performed in-camera or during the printing process, and although I ultimately chose to render this image in black and white anyways, the possibilities for selective color adjustment are endless and, to a huuuuuuge nerd like me, incredibly exciting! I can't wait to get back in the print shop...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Check it Out!

The rotting face of Completion! 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Writer's Group Exercise 10: Life of a Year

It was born in a shower of silver and blue, cold as chilled champagne and warm as a crowd of faces flushed with anticipation.

Its first steps sounded with the crunch of newly fallen snow, with the hollow, desolate whisper of winter wind through prairie grass, brittle wrappings on a dead landscape. 

It learned to speak with the tones of awakening: babbling with brooks freed from shrouds of ice, It provided a mellow alto harmony to the sweet soprano of returning birds.

By summer, It had grown expansive. Its ceased to rush, took to meandering, developed a tendency to linger. It sweetened and ripened and swelled.

Its shadows grew longer, and crackled underfoot like husks of corn. It smelled of woodsmoke and ancient ambergris, and its breath was tinged with homecoming, simultaneously inviting and a little too familiar.

It stretched itself thin, and the days no longer went around but through It. It saw through technicolor eyes, red and green, vivid against the flatness of surrounding grey. It tasted fullness, and filled itself with nothing. It found completion, and then began again.